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Virtual Attendance Policy and Grading for Edgenuity

Virtual Edgenuity Attendance Policy

To be counted present for Virtual Academy you must submit the attendance question at the beginning of the block or during the block. If you submit it after the block, you will be counted absent.

I want you to understand that if you only do the minimum you will NOT complete your classes. You have to reach 100% complete to take an EOC and/or receive credit for that class.



Grading for Edgenuity
Grades for Edgenuity Classes Edgenuity grades are not reported daily in Infinite Campus. Edgenuity sends progress reports out weekly through the parent portal.
If a parent would like to receive a weekly progress report please send me or Mrs. Hickey an email address that will be entered into the Edgenuity Parent Portal.
Reading a progress report from Edgenuity. Overall Grade is the current grade on work completed in the class so far. Actual Grade is the grade on all work that is due up to the date the report was sent. If a student is completely on track these grade will match or be identical. If a student is not on track the grades will not match. The Actual Grade will be lower because it averages zeros in for all assignments that are missing that have not been completed and should have been completed.
Grades for Edgenuity are reported in Infinite Campus every 4.5 weeks with a S or U and the numeric grade will be in the comment section of the Infinite Campus progress report.