Apply to College Week

*Monday, Nov 14th =E2=80=93 College 101 Workshop*
*Come and learn about college life and expectations*
-During assigned lunch
-PL Room (1st floor across from the gym)
-Must register to attend by November 8th by clicking the link below or the
QR code on the flyer:

*Tuesday, Nov 15th =E2=80=93 Apply to College Day & FAFSA Day*
*November is free college application month for several colleges/technical
schools in Georgia.  Come and receive assistance in submitting your college
application.  Plus, members from the Georgia Student Finance Commision will
be present to help with submitting FAFSA (Free Application for Federal
Student Aid) *
-9 AM - 2 PM
-Media Center
-Must register by November 10th- time slots will be assigned- Click the
link below or the QR code on the flyer:

*Wednesday, Nov 16th- It's a Family Affair - Thanksgiving Lunch*
*Applying to college is a family affair.  Parents/guardians are encouraged
to come and eat Thanksgiving Lunch and discuss future dreams &
aspirations.  *
-During assigned lunch
-Cafeteria - Fee is $5.00 per adult
-No registration is required

*Thursday, Nov 17th- PROBE COLLEGE FAIR*
*Meet with college representatives to learn more about their school.  Over
45 representatives from colleges and universities will be present*
Everyone is encouraged to wear college shirts
-9 AM - 10 AM
-No registration is required but suggested.  Click link below to register:

*Friday, Nov 18th- Let's Celebrate*
*Share your Apply to College Week experience by posting a picture on social
media with hashtag #iApplied*