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AP US History Summer Assignment 

Welcome to Mrs. Cason’s Advanced Placement US History course. I encourage all students who are willing to work hard and want to have a more in-depth experience with US History to take this course. The depth of knowledge and breadth of information we cover will rival that of any college classroom.


In APUSH students can earn up to six hours of college credit. College credit is determined both by the score the student earns on the national AP Exam and by individual university policies. Students and parents should understand that the focus of this course is success on the AP Exam and that all students are required by Brunswick High School to take the exam at the end of the semester.

One major difference between my APUSH class and my Honors level US History classes are the outside reading. Students will read a textbook outside of class, much like a college class would require, in order to be able to discuss ideas, events, and people in class, as well as use that information as a foundation to build deeper understanding through the use of primary and secondary sources. 

I look forward to our semester together. 


Casey Cason 

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Summer Assignment - see the link at the top of the page for the assignment

Amsco US History Book can be found digitally:

Chapter 1 and 2 Readings will be due the second day of class - January 4th.

These will be checked and graded.