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Hello! My name is Shonta Butts! This is my 18th year teaching at Brunswick High School. I am currently the Math Department Chair and the sponsor for the BHS Math Team and Chick-fil-A Leader Academy! I am looking forward to a great school year! 
Honors Algebra 1, Honors Geometry
Math Department Chair
Math Club Advisor
Chic-fil-A Leader Academy Instructor
Fort Valley State University
BS Agricultural Economics
Grand Canyon University
M.Ed - Secondary Education (Mathematics)



Unit 1 Quiz 2

Students will take quiz 2 on Tuesday, August 29 over the following topics:
  1. Relations
  2. Functions and Function Notation
  3. Evaluating Functions from an equation or graph
  4. Domain and Range 
  5. Rate of Change (3rd and 4th block only)
  6. Slope Intercept & Standard Form (3rd and 4th Block only)


For clarification purposes, I will not post any of the worksheets and/or handouts given in class because of copyright issues. All handouts and worksheets for the students are in Google Classroom.

Unit 2 Quiz

Unit 2 Quiz on Tuesday, February 14
It will cover the following topics:
1. Solving linear equations and inequalities
2. Word problems
3. Literal Equations
4. Algebraic Proofs 

Unit 1 Test

Unit 1 test over the following topics:
Radicals (simplifying and operations)
Rational & Irrational Numbers
Polynomials (classifying and operations)
Unit Conversions and Dimensional Analysis