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Honors Gifted Biology

Please read the Syllabus/Classroom Procedures & Lab Safety Rules. Your student will have a pink, half sheet for you to sign and return back to school. 

How to access Google Classroom as a student

  1. Accessing from a computer or laptop
    1. Go to
      1. From a personal account, use your email and password
      2. From a school account, username is “[email protected]” & password is your 6 digit birthday.
  2. Accessing from a smartphone or tablet
    1. If using Safari or a web browser, follow the instructions above.
    2. Using the Google Classroom App.  Download the free app from the app store.
      1. Login with either your personal account or school account based on which account you are taking the class from.
  3. Once you have logged into your account, you should have an invite to join the class that you are scheduled for.