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Ms. Wright's ACCESS Home Page

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Hello & welcome to my web page: a place to find helpful information about your child's program and their daily life at school. On my "Resources" page you can find helpful literature, a copy of Parents Rights in Special Education, and other useful tools to add to your "parent toolkit." Look to my "Links" page for websites frequently used in ACCESS classrooms. It also includes sites that are designed to be used with assistive technology (AT)!

The "All about ACCESS" page explains the purpose and focus of the program. 




ACCESS Program Specialist

B.S. from Armstrong Atlantic State University


SP ED Adapted Curriculum (P-12)

SP ED General Curriculum (P-12)


Mindset Safety Management 

American Heart Assoc. CPR/First Aid


Brunswick High School
(912) 267-4200 ext. 6204
(912) 261-4433 fax
[email protected]