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Graduation Seals

Social Studies Civic Engagement Diploma Seal - This seal is for those students who are interested in civic engagement, especially within their own community.  Students will have to complete 4 criteria to receive this seal on their high school diploma.  


  • Complete a minimum of 4 required courses in high school.  ***These classes are already a part of your graduation requirements so you would take them anyway.  
  • Score a 70% or higher on a 56 question test covering American Government.  This test is created by the state department of education.  
  • Complete a total of 50 hours of voluntary community service
  • Present a capstone portfolio on the knowledge gained in social studies and throughout this experience.  


Students are welcome to come to the counseling department with any questions regarding this, but can also contact the District Coordinator, Cathy Pittman, at the following: [email protected] or 912-267-4100 ext.1535