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Helpful Hints for Edgenuity:

Edgenuity Need to Knows

Virtual Edgenuity Attendance Policy


To be marked present for your Edgenuity class you must submit the attendance question at the beginning of the block or before the end of the block or you will be counted absent.


Ms.Tanner takes attendance after each block is over so that I do not miss anyone. 4th block is taking right before 3 pm, that is the deadline for our attendance secretary has to pull her report for the day.


If you are sick and cannot work, go to the dentist, doctor, etc please email me a copy of the note from the medical office. I will get this turned into the attendance secretary for her to correct the attendance.

Grades for Edgenuity Classes


Edgenuity grades are not reported daily in Infinite Campus. Edgenuity sends progress reports out weekly through the parent portal.


If a parent would like to receive a weekly progress report please send me an email address and I will forward it to my department chair, Mrs. Hickey and she will enter it into the Edgenuity Parent Portal.


Reading a progress report from Edgenuity.

Overall Grade is the current grade on work completed in the class so far.

Actual Grade is the grade on all work that is due up to the date the report was sent.


If a student is completely on track these grade will match or be identical. If a student is not on track the grades will not match. The Actual Grade will be lower because it averages zeros in for all assignments that are missing that have not been completed and should have been completed.


Grades for Edgenuity are reported in Infinite Campus every 4.5 weeks with a S or U and the numeric grade will be in the comment section of the Infinite Campus progress report.


Virtual Schedule


Please follow your schedule as it is in Infinite Campus Most of your teachers also have face to face (F2F) classes and can only respond during the block assigned.


1st Block 8:20 - 10:00 am Planning

2nd Block 10:05 - 11:35 am

3rd Block 11:40 - 1:20 pm F2F class

Ms. Tanner takes lunch 1:20pm = 1:50pm

4th Block 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Just need to clear a few things up


Honor Code - Once you have submitted the honor code pledge form, you do not have to send it again during the semester unless you get another class. 


Please send all other communication through your school google email. Edgenuity does not notify the teacher that we have mail.


If you are having issues with test locking back up before you can take them and the teacher keeps telling you they unlocked it. Go out to the Edgenuity home page before asking for an unlock, stay there until the teacher tells you the test is unlocked. Edgenuity does NOT like it when you just refresh the screen. I will sometimes move you backwards to stuff you have already completed or immediately relock test.