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BHS Edgenuity

Mr. Kazimir

[email protected] 912-267-4200, Ext. #6701


Purpose of the Course

                   Welcome to BHS Edgenuity program.  Our program is an online program designed to help you recover academic credits from courses you have failed, make-up credits needed to graduate, or work virtually on initial credits.  The program is self-paced, which means that there are certain assignments that must be completed each day in order to complete the course on time, you are not limited to just doing those assignments.  You can check your progress on a daily basis.  A red bar indicates that you are behind.  A blue bar indicates that you are on task.  Finally, a green bar indicates that you are ahead.


Edgenuity Procedures


Edgenuity Honor Pledge MUST be completed BEFORE you begin.


  1.      Students are required to take notes in every lesson. Notes will be checked randomly before a quiz retake is given.
  2.      Students are required and expected to attempt to answer all assignment questions the first time around. Not just the multiple-choice questions.  Assignments reset for lack of answers cannot receive a grade higher than 70.
  3.       Students are not allowed to copy and paste answers to assignments.
  4.      Review of quizzes or tests will be up to the teacher’s discretion. Math EOC courses must show work before receiving a review.  Reviews will not be given for any prescriptive or pretests.  Only 1 review will be given.  
  5.       If you fail a quiz 2 times, the teacher will assign supplemental activity and/or reset failed material to redo.
  6.       Students may use notes on quizzes, but not on tests or final exams.
  7.       Students may use a formula sheet for final exams.
  8.      Students who are taking an EOC class must review in Progress Learning review.  The Teacher will explain the procedures.

To have Success in this Course

  1.         ALWAYS take good notes and keep them organized in a notebook or folder.
  2.         ALWAYS listen carefully to the lectures.
  3.         ALWAYS read online content supplements.
  4.          Make sure you understand the concept before taking a quiz. Ask the teacher for help if you don’t.
  5.          Remember your target date! Do not let yourself get behind in your work or you will not finish your class on time. 

Classroom Procedures


  1. Students will place all electronic devices in the teacher designated area. 
  2. Students are tardy if they are not inside the classroom when the tardy bell rings. 
  3. One student at a time may leave room to use the restroom, must have a pass.
  4. Only drinks with lids are allowed in the computer lab.
  5. Students will remain in their seats until the bell rings for release.