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Marching Pirates

The Marching Pirates are the largest performing ensemble at Brunswick High School. They perform at football games, pep rallies, and parades, as well as area marching competitions. Notable performances include the 2012 and 2018 National Cherry Blossom Parades in Washington D.C. and the 2015 and 2019 Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parades. 
Membership in the Marching Pirates is by recommendation only. The group consists of members from the Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble, and Colorguard Class. Students are recommended by their current band director based on their behavior, musical ability, and attitude. . 

The benefits for doing marching band are far too abundant to list here. I would invite you to simply type "Why Marching Band?" into an internet search and read away.
Marching band is more than just another after school activity- it’s an adventure in learning a different language and making new friends. Not only does marching band exercise the mind and body, but it encourages friendships, cultivates creativity, and provides students with a unique opportunity to grow as individuals. Its foundations and lessons make it an extremely valuable learning experience for children of all ages. From becoming more disciplined to understanding the complexities of working as a team, here are valuable life lessons your child will learn during their time in marching band:
Responsibility, Multi-Tasking, Discipline, Teamwork, Endurance, Time Management, Competition, Personal Growth, Presentation, and Leadership!
The standard for being in the Marching Pirates is high. Both students and parents will enjoy the life-lessons learned for many years to come.
Thank you to everyone who volunteered to serve as leaders in our Marching Band. We are so fortunate to have a team of selfless members who want to freely give of their talents and time.
Please know that you are all valued and will have the opportunity to lead whether you have a title by your name or not.
Lead with your attitude!
Lead with your actions!
Our success depends on everyone giving their best self all of the time.
Lets Do This!
Marching Pirates 2022!

2023-2024 Marching Pirate Leadership Team


Drum Majors


Tucker Corbitt Natalie Harden


Assistant Drum Major


Kamea Thrower




Kamea Thrower (S.L.)


Morgan Chapman (A.S.L.)


Kaytlin Dixon (D.A.)




Madison Hall (S.L.)


Emma Shiffer (A.S.L.)


Lailah Boler (D.A.)


Ogden Hose (D.A.)




Asher Rhodes (S.L.)


Reed Sellars (D.A.)


Allison Thompson (D.A.)




Corey Pittman (S.L.)




Payton Shadron (S.L.)


Frank Lopez (D.A.)


Edith Romero (D.A.)




Elisya Langston (S.L.)


Ruben Marquez (D.A.)




Christian Reyes (S.L.)


Jackson Campbell (D.A.)




Carson Lott (S.L.)




Mary Kennedy & Brayden Knight (S.L.)


Cameron Connor, Edwin Gonzalez, Josue Julian-Rodriguez (D.A.)




Ama Kodua (Captain)


Hynley Fields & Catelynn Herndon (Co-Captains)


Inventory Managers


Aiden Hedger & Evan Peacock


Quartermaster Section Leader


Logan Seals