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Jazz Band

University of North Florida Jazz Festival 2024 

Rehearsals will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45-4:45


2023-2024 BHS JAZZ BAND


Emma Shiffer

1st Alto Saxophone

Charlie Clay

Myra Joseph

2nd Alto Saxophone

Reed Sellars

Logan Seals

Reserve-Miguel Purganan

1st Tenor Saxophone-

Evan Peacock

2nd Tenor Saxophone

Alex Ramirez

Aiden Hedger

Bari Saxophone

Asher Rhodes

1st Trombone

Mitchell Durand

2nd Trombone

Sadie Weis

3rd Trombone

Elisya Langston

Hunter Ryti

4th Trombone

Semaj McPhaul

Jalyah McRae

1st Trumpet

Ashton Brittain

2nd Trumpet

Payton Shadron

3rd Trumpet

Evan Pelkey

4th Trumpet

Jaquaria Davis


1st-Evan Ferra

2nd-Jackson Campbell

Bass Guitar

Rayne McNeil

Reserve-Wyatt Hurd


Still In Need-Please let me know if you know of anyone interested.

Percussion (Alphabetical)

Edwin Gonzalez

Josue J. Rodriguez

Brayden Knight

Reserve-Franklin Tran




Our jazz band requires a ”Balance of Sound” to ensure the ensemble sounds appropriate. Too much of one instrument can throw the sound out of balance and result in poor performance quality. Everyone on this list scored well enough to make it into jazz band but we just don’t have enough spots for everyone to perform.


Reserve players will attend all rehearsals to learn and grow in the field of jazz. Reserve players may be held out of select performances based on the concerns mentioned above. Reserve players may be moved into a full-time role in the event a current member is falling short on his/her responsibilities.