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Upgrading Your Instrument

In order to maintain the integrity of the band program at Brunswick High School I would like to offer parents some assistance in renting and/or purchasing an instrument for their young musician. There are hundreds of brands of musical instruments available, and just like other merchandise, some are of very poor quality. 

Please be aware that there are instruments now being imported from various parts of the world that do not meet American standards for pitch and longevity......that is my way of saying they are garbage and will hinder your child being successful. Low quality instruments will not hold up to the day to day student demands, will not provide your child with a satisfying experience and most do not even play well in tune.
I recommend that you don't purchase instruments at the same place that you can buy paper products:)
Below are a list of instrument brands and models that I recommend. If you are considering investing in a new or used horn and have questions please reach out and I will be more than happy to assist you. Please do not make an uniformed instrument purchase.